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Bead work transforms many ordinary items into something extraordinary. Lines of shimmering beads, strands of sparkling crystals, well placed rhinestones, and even luminescent pearls draw the eye while adding elegance and luxury to centerpieces and fabric accents. And the best part is that beads are inexpensive compared to solid crystal or gemstone alternatives. 

Candle holders are by far the most versatile decorative elements and add a lot of punch for a small cost. Added beadwork can create a decorative look. Or, when crystal beads surround a votive holder they act as a way to diffuse the light, soften it and add even more sparkle to the flickering candle light within. Other gemstone beads warm the light, or add fun colors as the light filters through the translucent blues and pinks of the bead work. Larger candle holders and candelabras draped with crystal beads are another great example of how an inexpensive item can transform objects into elements worthy of event, gala, or wedding décor. Beaded items are easily moved from an event table to your own home décor, making them a wonderful choice for decorating.

Have an idea for beaded décor, but can’t find what you are looking for? Use the many beaded options available to make it yourself. Long strands of pearl or gemstone beads attach easily to most items. Rhinestone or pearl mesh makes it easy to make complicated looking votives or centerpieces. Or, add long beaded garlands to your fabric décor for more impact.   

Small pieces of garland or beaded mesh make the perfect curtain ties. Or, browse our many premade tie options. From fabric accented by bead work to elaborate crystal and gemstone ties – match any style or decorative theme. Use to hold back curtains or to gather fabric swags. Our curtain ties are also wonderful for home decorating purposes.

Looking for something that will create a big impact? Beaded chandeliers are just the thing. From fun colored beadwork hanging in varying strands, to intricate crystal cascades that send light dancing throughout a space, beading provides decorative elements that set the tone of an event. Don’t have the headroom for a full chandelier? Try out centerpiece stands hung with some of our smaller beaded chandeliers. All of the impact of an intricate light fixture but placed in a spot of honor and easy visibility such as on buffet table, as your table centerpiece, or incorporated into a floral display. Imagine an elegant crystal chandelier lit by pillar or votive candles, bathing your table in light – stunning.

Looking for something whimsical and unique? Try our beaded tree centerpieces. Bead covered wire, configured into the shape of a tree look like something pulled from the fairy world. These are perfect for a more whimsical decorative theme, but can be strategically placed to bring a touch of fantasy to a traditional design.

Our collection of loose beads and scatter add another layer to your decorative elements. Spread on tables for playful décor. Or fill jars, bowls, candle holders or glasses with loose beads to add color and whimsy to any surface at your next event.


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