Event Supply

Candles are an inexpensive way to decorate for any big event. That dim, romantic, traditional lighting captures the imagination. Its simplicity, wax and a wick, is almost a contradiction to the complex nature of its flame. Mesmerizing and beautiful, candles are a staple of event décor. 

Complemented by the vast array of available candle holders, candles can be incorporated into any decorative theme. We carry candle holders of all shapes, sizes, styles, and height. Traditional wedding themes are accentuated by pillar bases, clear glass votive holders, or crystal and pearl decorative globes. Glitzy, glamour can be achieved with our art deco candle holders, mirrored votive holders, or our mirrored plates meant to hold pillar candles as a table centerpiece. From round to square, from bowl to goblet shaped, from tall and narrow to tealight, we have everything you need to bring delicate illumination or bold decorative statements to your event décor.

At any event, table centerpieces are not only one of the most decorative elements. They also carry a lot of weight and help to convey theme and color. These important decorative elements can be simple and elegant, or elaborate and luxurious. Candles are a great way to achieve both effects. Placing candles atop a classic pillar surrounded by flowers is a simple yet stylish wedding centerpiece, or place a number of votives or tealights in a pebble filled bowl for a natural look. 

Candle light streaming through the tinted glass of a vase like candle holder adds color and a fun whimsical element to your décor. Floating candles lit on a small pool of water at an outdoor event, or placed in a beautiful water filled container on a table enchants the imaginations of your guests while being simple and inexpensive. Or bring in something more elaborate like candelabras and candle sticks filled with tall stately taper candles. Table top chandeliers add an expensive and elaborate look to your tables, perfect for focal points on buffets, mantles or corner stands.

Candle holders, candle sticks, and candelabras offer an easy solution for illuminating those dark corners at night events like wedding receptions, anniversary parties or galas. A small table or a decorative column added to a strategic alcove or dark corner, then decorated with flowers and one of these candle options changes the look of the space, making it more romantic and elegant.

We offer a fantastic line of candelabras and candle sticks. These very traditional table décor are a must have for a decorator’s tool kit. From the most traditional and simple of designs, to 8 arm candelabras hung with crystals and beadwork we have something that fits your decorative needs. Table top options include open candle cups or arms ending in votive holders, hurricane lamps, and decorative candle lamp shades. We also offer tall, freestanding candelabras meant for lining aisles, flanking alters, or decorating venue spaces. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we also have build your own candelabras – mix and match bases, stands, arms, toppers, and shades to get exactly the style you are looking for.

Whatever your color pallet, style, or decorative needs, candles and candle holders can help you accomplish the perfect event décor.