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Hanging Ceiling Décor - Draping Kits, Wedding Chandeliers & More

Often ceilings are forgotten in event décor, but this large expanse of space offers a perfect decorative opportunity. Set the tone and style of an event with a few well placed ceiling elements and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

From lighting elements like chandeliers or string lights, to wow factors like disco balls or collections of hanging bubbles of different sizes – ceiling décor for events add a big bang for the buck. Floral balls, fabric draping, garlands or even gathered balloons waiting to be released are wonderful ways to create lasting impact.

Chandeliers are an easy way to transform a drab looking ceiling in an event hall into something pulled from the Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s. We have a collection of chandeliers that can be fit over existing light fixtures and others that come with their own light source so are ready to be placed anywhere, on any ceiling. The height of the ceiling doesn’t matter because we have various lengths for any occasion. From simple, single tiered chandeliers that accommodate an 8 to 10 foot ceiling, to cascading jeweled chandeliers made to make a statement in an entry hall, ballroom, or fill the lofty peak of a cathedral ceiling. Browse our collection to find the exact piece or pieces to fit your event space.

Smaller venues and outdoor spaces needn’t ignore the space above guests’ heads. Strings of twinkle lights, floral or beaded garlands, and strings of paper lanterns lit from within by battery powered LEDs all add ambiance and are easy to incorporate into any decorative theme or color pallet.

Floral balls are a traditional, simple yet beautiful way to bring color to your event and draw the eyes of your guests up and through a space. The twirling spheres filled with colorful blossoms bring splashes of color to ceilings while adding height and depth to your décor. The layering of these elements against draping or event backdrops adds a sophisticated look to your venue.

Fabric draping is a forgiving and transformative decorative element. Cover eyesores like old lighting, electrical wiring, duct work, and a host of other construction elements in your venue space with carefully placed fabric panels gathered into curtains or fabric swags gathered at strategic points and accentuated by hanging elements at just the right spots.
Light weight, easy to hang and even easier to take down, fabric draping holds up to reuse making it a must have in every decorator’s tool kit.

Ceiling décor is also a wonderful way to add whimsy to any space. Twinkling fairy lights, hanging butterflies, large bubbles hanging down so that guests could almost touch them if they stand on tip toe… Or the addition on mirror balls that send light dancing throughout a space and disco balls that transform your dance floor into a rainbow of light, there are so many wonderful ways to use the ceiling space to complete your overall event décor.

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