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The chairs at event halls are often not very attractive. Reuse leaves them looking a bit dingy and beat-up. But don’t let these older pieces of furniture detract from your event decor. With our line of chair covers and fabric accessories, you can transform dirty, plain, old event venue chairs into beautiful decorative accents.

The plainest or most beat-up chair can be transformed with the addition of a full chair cover. Our covers come in different fabric options and styles.

Starting with our scuba and taffeta covers, envelop old chairs in these fabric sleeves to make something new. The fabric flairs and gathers, changing the shape of the original chair into something more elegant and beautiful. Match your color pallet with one of our many options. 

Or, if you are looking for something more understated but that will hide the original chair, try our spandex covers. These covers are a quick solution, stretching over a chair for an instant makeover. This option contours to the chair’s original shape but is easy to use and easy to take off. These chair covers come in solid colors, striped fabric or metallics.

Not every event venue chair needs to be covered. There are many venues that keep their furniture freshly painted and looking new. But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a little color to help tie the furniture into your decorative theme. Floor length fabric accents that hang from the back of the chair are just the thing to achieve decorative cohesion. 

Imagine a room filled with twirling party dresses… recreate this effect with our chair accents. Starting at the top of the chair satin, taffeta, crushed taffeta, or almost sheer looking fabric is gathered half way down the piece, caught up by a gemstone tie or fabric bow like the belt at a skirt waist. The fabric then flairs out in a bell like skirt until it brushes the top of the floor, like the ball gowns of bygone eras. This pleasing and captivating effect is easily achieved and yet creates an impact in your venue space.

Looking to add something decorative without covering your chairs or interested in a layered effect? Both can be achieved with our chair accessories. We have a collection of fabric bows, chairs sashes, and other decorative accessories that are easily added to event chairs.  

Chair sashes with decorative bows add splash of color and a bit of luxury with their thick soft fabrics. But the simplicity of a sash with a bow keeps the overall look sedated, and adds elegance to a decorative theme. These are available in a rainbow of colors. Or if bows are too traditional, but you would like to add a fabric element, try our gathered flower accents. Taffeta, satin, and sheer fabric gathered into rosettes, available in a multitude of colors, may be just the thing you’re looking for

Fabric chair tutos bring a little frill to the outside of chair frames. These simple decorations tie a color pallet together and bringing a touch of fun to an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.

With so many options to choose from, chair covers and accents offer a decorative element that is sure to make a statement in your venue space.

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