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NOTE: Some of our customers are receiving an error when trying to add a custom GOBO to cart. If this happens to you please take a screenshot of your design and email it to info@eventsupply.com. Thank you.

Glass GOBO Creator - Upload ANY Graphic!

When you need a specific design of graphic, our glass GOBO creator is perfect for you. Our custom GOBO creation tool allows you to upload any graphic you want and create the right glass GOBO for you. You upload your design or pattern and we create the GOBO! Our creation tool does not work on mobile browsers.

1" x 1" 

Try Event Supply's new GOBO creator tool!

Use a combination of our preset shapes, designs and fonts to create your GOBO or upload a file of your design. Uploaded files should have a black background with the design done in white. For best results upload SVG files.

After designing, add to cart directly from the creator!

Our high-quality, glass GOBOs measure 1" x 1" and are specially designed to fit the EddyLight projectors.