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Fabric draping is an old trick that has many uses in event décor. The look of draped fabric is soft, romantic, and sedate. There is nothing elaborate about fabric, nor is there anything garish or tacky about fabric. But there is something about the deep folds of thick, luxurious fabrics that make you want to reach out and touch them, that holds the eye and the imagination as one stairs into the folds.

Draped fabric can frame, drawing the eye to a focal point. It can be used to hide construction features or blemishes on walls. It can be used to create rooms within rooms, or outdoor spaces, and even to control traffic patterns. There are so many uses for fabric in event décor that it is not only difficult to name them all, it is difficult to image event décor without the use of fabric.

With our line of fabric panels, you will have everything you need to add fabric draping to your next event. Our panels come in a variety of widths that are cut to the length you desire. When paired with accessories such as flowers, flower balls, ribbons, beaded or floral garlands, or shimmering beaded accents the simple fabric becomes something more, something at once inviting and elegant, luxurious yet understated.

Our fabric drapes come in rich fabrics like satin and velour; in sheers and gossamer; in tulle and netting. Poly knit fabrics add weight to the look and are a bit stretchy and springy giving them a different look when swaged. Accented designer panels bring decorative patterns that are fun or sophisticated and can be layers with solid colors to add a mature or whimsical look to your event décor. 

Spandex party drapes hang in pleated folds. Though the fabric is lightweight there is something heavy in its appearance because of the elasticity of the material. Playing with how this fabric hangs can achieve many different looks and styles when blended with other design elements. 

If you are looking for more simple fabric accents, tulle and gossamer allow light to filter through while adding color to a space. These fabrics are traditional wedding and party décor because their simple to achieve effects on a space, as well as their cost, keep them as a favorite of many decorators.

Or go all out, use fabric draping to create canopies, shaded areas in outdoor spaces, photo booths indoors, netting to hold up hundreds of balloons above the heads of your guests.
With fabric there are just so many fun, elaborate, and inventive decorative ideas. Browse our selection of fabric draping and fabric panels to be inspired, and transform your next event with material.


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