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Flooring is often a little thought about yet badly needed element for an event. From dance floors to flat spaces for tables, from walkways to wedding aisles there are many different ways to use event flooring.

Carpeting is not always in the best of shape at conference centers and event halls. But if you are looking for a clean, fresh look you don’t necessarily need to change venues. Try our event carpeting options. These come in different size squares that can easily be laid in to cover unsightly venue flooring.

Or, maybe you need to add a dance floor to already existing carpet. Carpet is difficult to dance on, so a smooth flooring option is needed. We have a variety of dance floor solutions available. From light up panels to wood flooring our dance floors snap together easily to make installation and clean up one less thing to worry about before the being event.

What about outdoor events? Do you need an outdoor dance floor? Or a quick patio? Create outdoor spaces with our snap together flooring options; there are many sizes and style to choose from.

Outdoor events may also call for artificial turf. We have that too. Browse our selection of artificial turf panels that are easy to install, lay over existing flooring, stone work, patios, or even other grass to create lush looking grounds at any event.

Beyond just standard flooring options, out 3D floors add something fun to any event. Each panel is outlined by LED lighting making the floor come to life at night events and dances. Perfect for graduation parties, proms, or even more laid back weddings and birthday events. Want to go a step farther, looking for something really fun and playful? Try our DMVX Dance Floors. These floors solutions have individual glowing floor panels – that’s right, every square lights up, looking almost like backlit ice. Our light-up dance floors will be sure to keep guests talking long after the night ends.

Our go for a look of elegant whimsy with our starlit flooring. Pinpricks of light beam through the tiny holes in the flooring creating a look of starlight. Dim the lights at a night event and guests will feel like they are dancing amid the night sky. 

Our flooring systems come with all of the tracks and hardware you need to put them together. From 10’ x 10’ dance floors to 28’ x 28’ room sized flooring solutions, browse Event Supply to find just what you’re looking for your next event or your event rental company needs. Options for event flooring include wood flooring in white, black and natural wood tones; carpet squares in different weaves and a variety of colors; and light up dance floor panels.

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