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The heart of most event décor is the floral arrangements. Vases filed with flowers, large floral displays in towering containers, cascading branches flowing from urns, and potted plants lining walkways and aisles – all add color, beauty and an uplifting feel to event décor.

Our collection of artificial flowers lets you create any floral arrangement your imagination can dream up. Roses in all colors and sizes, daisies and sunflowers, iris and lily, orchid and hibiscus, we have hundreds of flowers in all sixes and configurations for you to choose from.

Our floral supplies include vases, containers, foam forms, wire forms, urns and pots for you to create floral arrangements. As you browse, imagine these floral containers filling up with the blossoms you add to your cart.

Not all floral arrangements need to include blossoms. Winter weddings may go with something untraditional like beaded branches that resemble snow covered trees. Succulents and colored leaves are options for beautiful floral pieces that may or may not include flower blossoms.

In addition to containers filled with flowers, we also have a number of floral rings and centerpieces to choose from. Add these flower rings around candles, pedestals, or even candelabras and lanterns for a beautiful table centerpiece. Or use them to help hide stands that elevate plates on a buffet table. 

But that’s not all. Here at Event Supply, we also offer a collection of tabletop topiaries. These are predesigned arrangements in a variety of shapes perfect for mantelpieces and side tables. Our larger topiaries are wonderful for incorporating into outdoor patio or garden events. And the largest of our offerings can be used to line walkways inside and out.

Prearranged potted plants and flower arrangements make quick transformations easy. Hotels, banks, wedding venues, and outdoor event spaces can quickly be filled with flowers and plants for instant gratification. Enjoy our line of ferns, house plants, exotic plants, and even flowering trees. 

Or, instead of creating a garden feel, pull from the pages of a fairy tale with our glitter trees, cascading wisteria trees filled with blossoms and shaped topiaries.

Floral arrangements don’t have to just be in vases and containers. Bring them to the ceiling with hanging kissing balls! Spheres covered in flower blossoms add a bright splash of color anywhere in a room, or outdoor setting. These lightweight decorations can be suspended from ceilings, light fixtures, wire, and even fabric draping. Available in different types of flowers, different colors, and in different dimensions of kissing balls.

Event Supply also carries a wide range of garland options. From single strand of flower blossoms, to multiple strands woven together mixing colors and blossom types, to long garlands of greenery or ivy, there are so many different textures and colors to choose from. Twined around banisters, climbing columns and beams, or incorporated with swaged fabric, these garlands add another layer of color to your event décor. Mix with beaded garlands for a more unique look.

Sometimes flowers aren’t actually flowers – like when they are made out of tulle and fabric. Brows our selection of tulle flowers and fabric flowers, perfect for adding to chair covers, pews decorations, alters, fabric draping or garland.

Decorators and Do-it-yourself pros may find our floral kits and floral tool selections helpful as they prepare for a big event. We have many different options available to help you create the floral arrangements needed to wow your guests. From preselected kits, to individual tools such as floral wire, floral tape, and floral forms we have you covered.

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