Event Supply

Gobos are stencils placed in front of a light source in order to cast the image or shape on the stencil onto a wall, building, stage, or other point of focus. We have created a line of Gobos for event décor for fun, bright, and easy to use decorative elements

Gobo projectors shine light through a variety of gobo light films casting designs onto walls, ceilings or floors of your events From wedding bells to “It’s a boy” messaging, from happy birthday to intricate patterns, projectors add a fast design element for no effort.

Event Supply has a variety of glass and metal gobos. These are the pieces that when attached to the projector will provide the decorative element. We have 6 pack gobo kits for baby showers and holidays. Our baby shower kit has a rattle, a baby carriage, other designs and a few baby messages. Or order individual gobos for a girl, a boy or just a fun image for your next baby shower event.

Holiday gobo packs like the one for Halloween let you pick different gobos throughout the night, or for different events. Our Halloween pack includes a skull, broom, pumpkin, and other scary designs

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, we have a lot to choose from. Provide special messaging for a quincenera or sweet 16 party. Add something more general like happy birthday, balloons, or cakes projected against a focal wall to brighten up a space while adding a decorative design.

Christmas holiday and winter gobos make the season event more festive. Snowflakes, snowmen, and falling snow falling snow are great for school concerts and dances. Christmas trees, candles, holiday bells, and other Christmas symbols can be projected outside against buildings for a quick holiday decorating that won’t need until the spring to take down.

Want to write a message, but can’t find the right gobo? Try our Alphabet letters in block or script for spelling out messages.

These gobos can be used for a variety of event décor needs – with options like starry night, fireworks, summer flowers, winter trees, autumn trees, falling leaves and full scenes transport event guests to other times of the year, other places, and set the mood for your next event with the flip of a switch.

Can’t find an element or design you are looking for. Create your own with our custom gobos. With our collections of light up designs and projectors no event ever need to have boring décor again.

Blend these gobo elements into your other lighting to add a more sophisticated look. Remember projectors can be used to make items bigger – taking up entire walls, or smaller- so that focused designs either shine in one spot, or maybe dance along a ceiling, a wall, or the dance floor for a more subtle element.

Event Supply carries Gobos that can be used as signage, others that are great for restaurants, and still others that are just fun patterns to be used by anyone for any purpose.