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Lighting is an important element to an event décor not only to see by and for safety reasons, but because it can set mood and purpose throughout an event space. Brighter lights show people where things are happening, while mood lighting signals relaxing intimate spaces.

Some people think the key to successful event decorating is all in the lighting.
Here at Event Supply we have hundreds, if not thousands, of options for providing the perfect lighting for your next event.

Browse through our standard light kits to equip your business, your event hall, or Rental Company with all of your standard lighting needs. Fixtures, spot lights, kits, replacement lighting parts, electrical elements, and even replacement bulbs are all available.

But, we also carry a variety of fun, mood setting lights for every occasion - starting with our wonderful LED curtains.
Fabric décor can transform an event space, but when layered with LED lights from within the folds, there is a magical quality about the fabric. Try our LED curtains to capture this effect in a safe, fireproof way. Our LED light strands are perfect for creating layered event décor and bringing light to areas that otherwise may remain dark. Hung overhead, these lights illuminate a space. Incorporated into floral arrangements they provide dramatic effect. When added to garlands, wrapped around banisters, or climbing columns they help to set the mood and become purely decorative. Strands of waterproof lights can bring magic to outdoor spaces. Add to pools, water feature, water fountains, or even streams and ponds for spectacular effect.
Add whimsy to your event décor with strategic placing of light up elements like our LED branches and trees. These floral elements both table top and freestanding sizes, are wrapped with lights so that when the sun sets they not only provide a beautiful decoration but bring light to your venue.
Event Supply has a large line of battery powered lights to choose from. These options allow you to decorate spaces that are not near electrical outlets. Often outdoor spaces require plenty of extension cords that can be a tripping hazard. But with battery powered LED lights you not only get rid of those chords, but also conserve energy as LED lights are very efficient.
Mood lighting can be much more than dim lighting in an alcove. Set the mood of your even with decorative chandeliers in both subdued and elaborate styles. Our chandeliers options provide pieces mad to fit over existing feature and pieces that come with their own light source for easy placement. Unique bulb shapes like Edison bulbs, vintage bulbs and interestingly shaped bulbs all help set tone and mood when added to regular light fixtures. 
Bring in atmospheric lighting, such as bubble machines, fog machines, or even a snow machine to set the mood of your event. These machines can be used indoors or outdoors.
We even have a line or marquee lights – throw a glamorous movie party, a 1920s themed party, or just add a fun element to your next party event with one of these signs.
Our inventory of lighting options is always changing, check back often to see new additions to the site.

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