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Much of event décor is the unseen items, the structures, the stands, the wire and tape. Here at Event Supply we carry the tools of trade. Browse our kits, individual supplies, bulk items, and everything in-between.

Fabric décor requires a wide range of supplies to achieve that perfect look. Hooks, fasteners, wire, lighting, ceiling hoops for fabric, adjustable fabric columns, stands, and other hardware all make it possible to achieve that beautiful draping, those even swags, that beautiful wedding backdrop.

Stands and bases for large floral arrangements, food towers, cake displays, and even candle décor are all available. Decorators love our line of table centerpiece chandeliers with accompanying stands – bringing these elaborate decorative elements down from the ceiling and into plain sight.

But, should you want a more traditional chandelier to grace your event ceilings, we have something to help you achieve that as well. Ceiling décor for events while transformative can be difficult to achieve. Hanging things from tall ceilings requires ladders and lots of reaching. We carry a link of products built to make your ceiling decorating easier. Our Clik Clik magpole combined with the magmover to allow for easy hanging of items far above your head.

Candle décor is a favorite item at any event. Buying tealights and votives in bulk can save on last minute orders and stress. Simple candle forms, votive holders, pillar bases, and small columns are great for incorporating candles into floral displays or for creating more complicated centerpieces. 

Other tools that are well loved by our customers include Loopline and magnetic hooks. Loopline is a string with prebuilt knotted loops built in. With this product there is no worry about tying the proper knot that will secure your decorations, it is don’t for you. Magnetic hooks also provide a wonderful system for hanging items on metal – a material that doesn’t easily take to tapes and other adhesive.

Our customers love our collection of decorating supplies. Straight pins, decorative pins, beaded accessories, spray paints, decorative wires, pipe cleaners, all the way down to the safety pins and rope. Everything you need to decorate for you next event can be found on Event Supply. We carry all different types of decorative pins, from single pearls to rhinestone encrusted pin heads, from shaped crystal beads to elaborate patterned broaches – these decorative pins are wonderful for accenting fabric décor and bows, for adding to floral bouquets and boutonnieres, or for more creative crafting projects straight from the imaginations of individual decorators.

Carrying bags are a must have for event decorators. With all of these tools and supplies, there has to be an organized way to keep track of them all. Browse our line of tote and carry bags, storage solutions, and other organizing items.

The fun doesn’t stop here though. Full tool kits and floral decorating kits help decorators and DIYers accumulate the basics of their decorating toolboxes. Browse these kits, or put together individual supplies to create your own. 

Whatever the event, whatever a decorator’s need, here at Event Supply you’re sure to find something to help you out. There is so much to choose from that the hard part is narrowing it down.

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