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Event décor rental companies and conference spaces shouldn’t be caught without pipe and drape kits. These fantastic items allow you to transform a space into smaller rooms, booths, showrooms, and trade shows with easy.

Pipe and Drape kits are simply snap together frame work that can then be draped with fabric to create false walls. Used heavily for tradeshows and booth building, these “walls” look much nicer than cubical walls or decorated plywood.

Pipe and drape kits are the perfect solution for dividing rooms and large conference spaces, they make beautiful backdrops and focal points, and are an easy way to cover walls, hide construction elements, or turn an ordinary setting into an extraordinary event space. 

The nature of these kits means that changing a decorative theme is as easy as changing the fabric. They are easy to set up and to take down. And because they store so well, the purchase of these kits will mean having a wonderful decorating solution in your tool kit for years to come.

Our Pipe and Drape kits come in many different options. From single panels that can be used as a divider or backdrop, to entire systems that can outfit a conference venue. 
We also carry snap together booth options to made setting up your next tradeshow a breeze. 

Event Supply carries an entire line of fabric panels specifically for these pipe and drape kits. Find fabric in any color you need to match your event décor, from solid colors to sparkling fabric, from plain styles to luxurious material we have you covered.

These fabric covered pope and drape kits are quite versatile. Photographers love them as simple systems to set up scenes and backdrops. Videographers can use them for green screens and plain backgrounds. Schools use them to set up quick stages and performance spaces within gyms and cafeterias. 

With the ability to use different kits together or only small sections of a larger kit, these systems a fill many decorating needs. 

Pair with our lighting systems and folding tables for instant booths. Or add in something from our wide range of decorative elements such as twinkle lights, floral garlands, decorative fabrics, decorative straight pins and broaches, or hundreds of other items to transform these systems into gorgeous event décor.

Already have pipe and drape systems? We carry replacement parts. Weighted bases to make your systems more stable, cross bars for hanging fabric, and even adjustable poles to add height to the finished “wall” are all available through Event Supply. Looking for replacement hardware? We carry the needed parts as well. Screws, pins, upright attachments with rivets for all sized pipes, caps for the ends of cross bars,  spandex pole covers to hide the metal poles, crowns,  clamps, and so much more can all be found here. 
Another important element to these pipe and drape systems are the bases. 

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