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Tablecloths, table runners, table skirts, and other coverings are fabric elements that can transform an event venue from a drab dining area into a truly spectacular space. There are many different options to choose from – square or round, full cloths to table skirting, Cinderella style cloth coverings to simple linens for a neutral canvass, from patterned fabric to full spandex covers that hid the tables completely, whatever your event décor requires Event Supply has an option to help you out.

Our pleated table skirts come with elastic tops to easily attach to your event tables. Using hardware to clip them into place, you will find this an easy solution to table décor. Our table skirts come in silky fabrics or poly-knit. Choose from different lengths, colors, and pleating options.

Our full tablecloths are more traditional but are available in many different decorative options. Solid colors both neutral and fantastic, patterned Jacquard cloths, sequined options, overlays, or runners all can be found with Event Supply. 

Jacquard tablecloths come in many different patterns. Our Havana tablecloths with their leaf like pattern and the floral prints are customer favorites. Browse our reversible and color coordinated tablecloths to create sophisticated table décor that adds movement and style to your event space.

Sequined tablecloths bring in a little sparkle and let you play with light as you layer candles and/or LEDs with your centerpieces. Maybe your event needs splashes of color. Achieve this look with neutral table linen layered with brilliantly colored table runners. Or better yet, choose something from our sheer table overlays, our embroidered table linens, satin table runners, or many other fabric options that let you control how much color entered your overall event décor.

For wedding décor many of our customers are looking for truly spectacular table coverings. For these customers we offer the Cinderella table cloths. Complete with fabric swags you can achieve a highly elaborate and elegant look in seconds. Match these with our fairy light tablecloths for an enchanting and captivating effect. Imagine dim lighting in an event hall that is punctuated with a starlight effect coming from the fabric covering your tables. Truly stunning.

For decorative themes that are more natural and subdued, browse our collection of jute and burlap table cloths. Many people enjoy country décor and a shabby sheik style. This line of products is perfect for coordinating these events. 

Napkins offer an easy way to bring in contrasting or coordinating colors into your event décor. Their smaller size keeps bright or elaborate colors and pattern from overpowering the look of your event. Napkins also let you add a little bling or luxury with the addition of napkin rings, rhinestone ties or crystal broaches.

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