Event Supply

Sometimes, for some events, recreating a place in time is exactly what is needed. With our complete themed kits you can create scenes straight out of history. Perfect for themed events, these scenes make for wonderful birthday parties and fundraisers. Theaters, hotels, and restaurant also find our complete themed kits just what they need to recreate specific moods. 

Our themed kits provide structural elements, decorative objects, and the details to transform a room into a scene. Take our ballroom kit! A beautiful staircase, a working fountain, chandelier, columns, and a silhouette of a dancing couple create the backdrop for an elegant ball.

Or, try our enchanting rhythm kit. Double staircases leads to a platform stage where musicians are silhouetted against bright lights. Tall vases fit with monochromatic feathers complete the art deco look, while a working fountain adds a focal point to the room. 
Bring Hollywood to you by adding the red carpet lined with arching palm trees. Spot lights arch ahead while paparazzi hide off to the side, ready to snap a photograph.

Create a mysterious backdrop for a masquerade ball with columns topped by glittering masks, candelabras to dimly light the space, a charade arch to complete the entrance to a parade path through the hall.

Recreate the Roaring 20s by setting the scene with lampposts, dancing flappers, an elegant fountain, and a staircase filled with party goers ready to take to the dance floor. A collection of 20s inspired chandeliers and candle accessories can be brought in to complete the look. But nothing says the 20s like opulence, and that includes the beautiful car that comes with this themed scene.

You can even take a trip to Paris with our Night of a Lifetime kit - a stunning Eiffel Tower displayed in the background while the dance floor is slit by period lampposts.

Match your themed décor with stunning table centerpieces. Table top wire Eiffel Towers help bring Paris to your dining area. Or match a garden theme with cherry trees for your tables. Shining stars, dramatic centerpieces, objects that light up, silver beaded branches, or wire coaches waiting to be pulled by a team of four white horses all speak to the imaginations setting a time, a place, or a story to inspire the imaginations of your guests.

All themed elements are also sold separately so mix and match to create your own scene.

Event Supply has a collection of items that fit in with each of these themes or can be used for other period themed event designs. Browse our themed chandeliers and lanterns for wonderful lighting options. Or choose from our selection of columns for a traditional Roman look, an art deco design, or even a fabric covered column to fit your décor. Props, fabric, and themed cutouts complete the look and give you themed event décor your guests are sure to love and remember for a lifetime.